Wednesday, August 19, 2009

La Sirena Grill

My husband, the social animal that he is, made friends with a surfer from the U.K. Except, as it turns out, he wasn't from the U.K. at all, he was from Laguna Beach. He was working on his British accent for a movie role he has next year . . . a sequel to a vampire blockbuster. All he'd say. I digress. We asked him where the best Mexican place was in Laguna . . . we explained we had our favorite locals places to eat like Cafe Zoolu and Thai Brothers, but that we'd yet to find a favorite Mexican place. He recommended La Sirena Grill . . . I was hesitant because, first, I have trust issues. Really about anything, but especially about food. Second, I typically do about 30 hours of research (minimum) for each new place we try when we're on vacation. Since I'm on vacation and all . . . I threw caution to the wind and took his advice. I'm like that. Spontaneous. Know what? It was outstanding.

This was the house special . . . the Sirena carne asada layered on some homemade corn tortillas and covered in roasted peppers and onions and queso fresco. It was simple and fabulous.

David's grilled beef tacos on handmade corn tortillas with Sirena cabbage and fresh salsa.

I'm still working the new settings on my camera . . . this isn't the best picture. Trust - this was the best guacamole I've ever had.

So thanks pretend British boy from Laguna Beach - if your dad is the President of Experien and you're reading this, I hope you become famous just because your recommendation was awesome.

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LV GRAMPS said...
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Patti said...

Vacation does not include counting points...

cori said...

patti. can you get some guac?

...before you come home...

or else.

look at me. i mean it.

mexican food. all of it. delish.