Monday, March 22, 2010

No Knead Bread

I blogged about this no knead bread recipe quite some time ago. I stumbled upon the recipe after receiving pieces of that beautiful French cookware, Le Creuset.

Again, I made the New York Times recipe for bread. The result? A beautiful rustic loaf of crispy bread.

I'm not a breadmaker. Yeast, not my thing. Check this out for the tutorial providing proof even a 4-year-old can succeed making this bread.

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Caitlin said...

That bread looks insane. I want some in my mouth right now.

Papa said...

This loaf of bread was incredible, it had subtle flavor so it would work well with anything. I gave half of it away to Wendy Taylor, but I'm selfishly sorry now, last night I was just too stuffed from all the good things Mom was serving up.

Back to that loaf, the crust was thick and crunchy, the inside of the bread was light and airy (lots o' bubbles). I buttered it up, very yummy. If I had some today, I'd make up a sandwich, mortadella & provalone, that's 'cuz I'm to lazy to make meat balls.

I'm hoping see that comin' around again.