Monday, December 22, 2008

Are you there, Zach?

Sunday was our Ward Christmas Sacrament Meeting. Usually this meeting is some sort of Christmas "program", if you will. The Ward Choir tends to sing a lot during this program (not that I don't enjoy the choir [good job, honey], I do) . . . but Sunday's meeting was remarkable, at least for me. Several members of our Ward were on the program, the first being a man I don't know very well. He read an excerpt from his father's journal from Christmas Eve, 1943, at a time when he found himself alone in a strange city during the war. My thoughts immediately turned to my son (you, Zach) in Baghdad and I don't mind telling you, I was a puddle. I am thinking quite a bit about what the speaker shared, so today, Zach, I want to tell you . . . when I see a serviceman at the airport (or anywhere, for that matter) I do that thing people have done to you. I am not shy under these circumstances. I walk up to them and I extend my hand. I thank them and let them know I appreciate their service and sacrifice. Because I really really do. So thank you for teaching me how much a small gesture can mean to someone.

Merry Christmas Combat Medic Zachary Lunn. I love you. Be safe.

P.S. Watching White Christmas just isn't the same without you.

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rychelle said...

that sounds like an amazing sacrament meeting. i teared up a little reading this. i grew up an "army brat" and feel especially grateful for our service men and women.

merry christmas to you and zach!

Bridget said...

What a beautiful post, Patti. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

I second your heartwarming Merry Christmas to my very sweet and brave brother.

Zach's Christmas card came to my house today... I want to take a bite out of that mini-Zach. He looks delicious.