Friday, October 23, 2015

The end

Twenty-three (23) pictures were hung this week along with some subway art.  Miscellaneous tasks that needed to be crossed off lists we've been looking at since June.  Oh it feels good.  I thought my Laguna Beach subway art belonged on this wall in my kitchen.  It makes me happy to walk in and see that.

The other wall has a picture of a Boston Bakery - inspiration for goodies from my oven.

Beacon Hill, Faneuil Hall and Back Bay scenes in the entryway.

Believe it or not, this shelf in the master bedroom has given me the most angst out of all the decorating decisions.  I'm not satisfied at all.  Tweaking continues, probably with arranging the lanterns.

New England seashore art on this wall with the oar from one of my favorite Laguna Beach stores in the corner.  That oar has been everywhere in this house until it found its final resting spot.

Banjo music is necessary when your house is finally finished.  His Nantucket Reds go with the theme.

Rockport buoys on the walls in the master bedroom with some west coast beach inspiration included.

My cozy family room.  Boston on the walls everywhere with snowy Commonwealth Avenue and Public Garden photos.

Seashells and Wes Anderson coffee table books, Ina Garten and Lilly Pulitzer inspiration, and Black Dog fun from Martha's Vineyard.

In retrospect this was funFun I never want to have again.  But I sure love the finished project.  Life is good.
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Melissa McDonald said...


Kelly said...

Looks awesome! Love the marble and the subway tile to the ceiling in the kitchen. I said the same thing after we I'm ready to do it again.

ellen said...

I want to see close ups of the Boston photos! Please!!

Maynor Moments said...

That picture of David makes me miss you guys so much!!

Julie Chauncey said...

Perfection!! So happy it's finished. I'm coming over! (I promise not to dirty it up)

cm2e said...

Looking pretty darn good there Missy!