Friday, October 23, 2015

The end

Twenty-three (23) pictures were hung this week along with some subway art.  Miscellaneous tasks that needed to be crossed off lists we've been looking at since June.  Oh it feels good.  I thought my Laguna Beach subway art belonged on this wall in my kitchen.  It makes me happy to walk in and see that.

The other wall has a picture of a Boston Bakery - inspiration for goodies from my oven.

Beacon Hill, Faneuil Hall and Back Bay scenes in the entryway.

Believe it or not, this shelf in the master bedroom has given me the most angst out of all the decorating decisions.  I'm not satisfied at all.  Tweaking continues, probably with arranging the lanterns.

New England seashore art on this wall with the oar from one of my favorite Laguna Beach stores in the corner.  That oar has been everywhere in this house until it found its final resting spot.

Banjo music is necessary when your house is finally finished.  His Nantucket Reds go with the theme.

Rockport buoys on the walls in the master bedroom with some west coast beach inspiration included.

My cozy family room.  Boston on the walls everywhere with snowy Commonwealth Avenue and Public Garden photos.

Seashells and Wes Anderson coffee table books, Ina Garten and Lilly Pulitzer inspiration, and Black Dog fun from Martha's Vineyard.

In retrospect this was funFun I never want to have again.  But I sure love the finished project.  Life is good.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

my range hood...

I just realized my range hood didn't make the blog.  It's my favorite part of the kitchen.  Wait . . . the fridge.  Wait . . . the oven.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

And we're done... (sort of)

Crown molding over the refrigerator/cabinet wall is installed and so is the hardware.  Unpacking the kitchen commence!  Some of that was accomplished over the weekend, some wasn't.  The dishwasher will be installed tomorrow so those things that need that step before they can make their way into the kitchen is about to happen.  We are getting there.

The good news is that wall of cabinets gives me more space than I had in my house that was twice the size.  Drawer space is more limited, but I chose a basket to put seldom used gadgets.  I love seldom used gadgets.  I am a sucker for gadgets.

We are pleased with the decision not to put cabinets on the wall over the stove and sink.  It's a tiny space and it seems bigger without those. 

I'm always looking at blogs dedicated to living in small spaces.  There are great ideas like shoes in matching baskets under your bed (I love the way it looks) and trays under bathroom sinks.  Sometimes I just need the visual.

I'm in the decorating phase now.  My bedroom has a shelf I finished, I think.  The previous owner put lights on the shelf, high on the vaulted ceilings, so it was the perfect place for some of my lanterns and a few large glass jars for shells.  My process with these things is to take my time and a few days before deciding I don't need to move things.  Next up is hanging my New England pictures all over my walls.

There are a couple of things that will happen as we go.  New glass shower doors in the master bath.  Maybe some concrete resurfacing on the front and back door areas.  Nothing major.  Fun things.
I'm over and out about the renovation.  I didn't think I could forget how bad the place looked when we moved in, but I did.  When I scroll through the blog and see the pictures I can't believe it.  I'm happy we chose this path - I really have everything I wanted.  Who can say that?
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Friday, October 2, 2015

A glimpse inside

Remember that blogging trend 100 years ago when people posted "What's In My Fridge"?

Before blogging was dead?

Here's what's in my fridge.  I never thought I could love a refrigerator.

Project will be completed Tuesday.  TUESDAY!

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