Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We moved 75 days ago

You guys . . . it isn't easy blogging from an iPhone.  I'm a winger!  Pictures aren't pretty and who knows where my camera is?  My iron?  No clue.  Here's proof I will know soon enough, because any day now I'm going to be able to unpack my garage!  We are close.  SO CLOSE.

Master bathroom with hexagon tile and pale gray grout.  Hardware on cabinets not installed yet.  No towel bar, just a long Pottery Barn row of hooks that I can't wait to style. 

My floor to ceiling cabinets (without hardware) and an empty space for my refrigerator.

And with the refrigerator!

Guest bathroom with a pivot mirror.  Still not finished but soon.  SOON.

The dumpster that's been out in the front of my house will be gone tomorrow.  I won't miss that thing!  A few details need to be taken care of like cleanup, hardware installation and some touch up paint.  The dishwasher was damaged in transit so it needs to be replaced, and there's a slight electrical setback with the oven.  Do I sound worried?  I'm not.

Tomorrow I will update with more finishing touches.

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Maynor Moments said...

Patti! I Love it, looks so nice. Love the mirror in the bathroom! You are such a great decorator!