Sunday, September 6, 2015


Baseboards are almost done.  Caulking and painting them comes next.  That oiled bronze is showing up everywhere.  Door handles, hinges, door stops.  I like the contrast with the white paint.

I mostly want to show you the lighting they've installed because I AM CRAZY ABOUT IT.

Above are those schoolhouse lights I've been talking about.  The light over the phantom sink has the oiled bronze and I love the difference in the fixtures.  I think they compliment one another.  

The foyer light has a diffuser on the bottom.

These two zinc lights will reside over the dining table.  The filament bulbs are lovely and I love the cords that hang from the ceiling plates.

Bathroom tile happens next week, that tiny white hexagon tile with a very pale gray grout.  Paint will be touched up.  We are getting there.  When I work up the nerve I will show you my closet "that doesn't look like Patti" light fixture, complete with hanging crystals.  No joke.

We are still pinching ourselves.  Seriously.

Another fixture outside the linen closet.

And the cage light in David's office.

More to follow.

PINCHING myself.

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