Wednesday, September 16, 2015

half in, half out

We are halfway back into our new place, without a kitchen and without bathroom cabinets.  So that utility sink I thought was stupid the day I moved in is now very handy since it's where I brush my teeth and wash my face.

It's another two weeks before the cabinets arrive.  Once they do they will be installed along with the countertops and appliances.  Because there's still dusty work to be done we only moved in our bed and entertainment center and the office desk.  Last night we slept in that bed for the first time in four weeks and it was heaven.  HEAVEN. 

There are things in the rental that still need to be moved, but we'll be out in final form by Thursday.  Since we moved out of our house into that rental I have seen a coyote and more rabbits than I can count.  Cottontail rabbits!  Also, that coyote has been responsible for several bad dreams involving a small dog I'm rather fond of.  I should never have googled "coyote".

I'm still in love with my floor.  Actually, I'm crazy about it.  Can you love baseboards?  Yes.  You can love baseboards.

Mid-October we should be settled in.  And then the baking begins...

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