Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We moved 75 days ago

You guys . . . it isn't easy blogging from an iPhone.  I'm a winger!  Pictures aren't pretty and who knows where my camera is?  My iron?  No clue.  Here's proof I will know soon enough, because any day now I'm going to be able to unpack my garage!  We are close.  SO CLOSE.

Master bathroom with hexagon tile and pale gray grout.  Hardware on cabinets not installed yet.  No towel bar, just a long Pottery Barn row of hooks that I can't wait to style. 

My floor to ceiling cabinets (without hardware) and an empty space for my refrigerator.

And with the refrigerator!

Guest bathroom with a pivot mirror.  Still not finished but soon.  SOON.

The dumpster that's been out in the front of my house will be gone tomorrow.  I won't miss that thing!  A few details need to be taken care of like cleanup, hardware installation and some touch up paint.  The dishwasher was damaged in transit so it needs to be replaced, and there's a slight electrical setback with the oven.  Do I sound worried?  I'm not.

Tomorrow I will update with more finishing touches.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Two months later...

Lots to be done, but little by little things are starting to come together.  A sectional fit the bill for this tiny spot in our living room.  Once it was delivered (yesterday) we realized the coffee table we love just isn't going to work.  Learn to let go, I say!  I don't really say that...

I wish I had a better photo of my closet light fixture.  Some of the crystals haven't arrived yet.  Yes, it's out of character for me but I'm crazy about it.

And just because, here's a picture of my unfinished kitchen.  If we live right cabinets will start to be installed in a week.

I'm thinking about a blog post entitled "Conversations Overheard at the Sun City Pool."   Things like, "If there was justice in the world Elvis would be alive and The Pretenders would be dead."  That happened.

More later...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

half in, half out

We are halfway back into our new place, without a kitchen and without bathroom cabinets.  So that utility sink I thought was stupid the day I moved in is now very handy since it's where I brush my teeth and wash my face.

It's another two weeks before the cabinets arrive.  Once they do they will be installed along with the countertops and appliances.  Because there's still dusty work to be done we only moved in our bed and entertainment center and the office desk.  Last night we slept in that bed for the first time in four weeks and it was heaven.  HEAVEN. 

There are things in the rental that still need to be moved, but we'll be out in final form by Thursday.  Since we moved out of our house into that rental I have seen a coyote and more rabbits than I can count.  Cottontail rabbits!  Also, that coyote has been responsible for several bad dreams involving a small dog I'm rather fond of.  I should never have googled "coyote".

I'm still in love with my floor.  Actually, I'm crazy about it.  Can you love baseboards?  Yes.  You can love baseboards.

Mid-October we should be settled in.  And then the baking begins...

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Sunday, September 6, 2015


Baseboards are almost done.  Caulking and painting them comes next.  That oiled bronze is showing up everywhere.  Door handles, hinges, door stops.  I like the contrast with the white paint.

I mostly want to show you the lighting they've installed because I AM CRAZY ABOUT IT.

Above are those schoolhouse lights I've been talking about.  The light over the phantom sink has the oiled bronze and I love the difference in the fixtures.  I think they compliment one another.  

The foyer light has a diffuser on the bottom.

These two zinc lights will reside over the dining table.  The filament bulbs are lovely and I love the cords that hang from the ceiling plates.

Bathroom tile happens next week, that tiny white hexagon tile with a very pale gray grout.  Paint will be touched up.  We are getting there.  When I work up the nerve I will show you my closet "that doesn't look like Patti" light fixture, complete with hanging crystals.  No joke.

We are still pinching ourselves.  Seriously.

Another fixture outside the linen closet.

And the cage light in David's office.

More to follow.

PINCHING myself.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A tease

This happened today.  I keep having to pinch myself.

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