Friday, August 14, 2015

Things are happening...

Vacation begins tomorrow morning and, as luck would have it, the call came this week to be ready for day one of renovation the day after we return from Laguna Beach.  That left us with about a day to find a furnished rental (mission accomplished!) and to move out everything but our bed.  To clarify, we get home Sunday, sleep in our bed that night and move into the rental the next morning.  Our rental is a few blocks away from our house, so we will be able to check on the contractors' progress daily.  I promise to report in, especially the minute I notice that old smell is starting to disappear.

Just to recap...

We are going to miss that chandelier.

We did manage to update the outside lighting and we're extra pleased with the results. 

Lighting.  Did I mention lighting?  I think that's been the most fun, choosing lighting.  We took that on ourselves because a couple of us are extra picky about interior lighting.  Schoolhouse lighting has been ordered for the kitchen, pendants for the front hall entryway and maybe a little crystal flush mount chandelier-like fixture for my closet.  THAT was fun.
I also did not expect choosing a kitchen sink to rock my world, but it did.  It's the little things...
I have 22 vacation books in my Boston Public Library book bag (thank you, Missa) and I'm ready to tackle the sand and work on my famous Irish tan.  We haven't left the city once in 2015 (first world problems) and this year we are extra excited to spend eight days in our favorite place.
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