Sunday, August 30, 2015

Paint. Beautiful All White Paint.

Yesterday all the paint happened at our little place.  They climbed up ladders and painted the narrow ceilings up to the skylights, all those yellowed doors and the woodwork.  I've already forgotten how bad it looked in there.  Lighting has been removed, those phone jacks, that sweet cassette player and the medicine cabinets.  Drywall and paint makes it seem as if that stuff never existed.  But I have the pictures to prove it!

I realize pictures of an empty house with only white paint aren't very exciting, but I'm wanting to document it all.

Oil rubbed bronze door handles and hinges are ready to be installed.

That kitchen is going to have three schoolhouse lights in a row with a fun oil rubbed bronze fixture over the sink.  

My beachy wood floors are going in on Monday.  Floors are everything to me, so I can't wait for this next step.

The white shaker cabinets have been delayed, moving the entire project out two full weeks.  That news didn't make for the best Friday night.  Again, first world problems.  We'll find a way.

Unpacking my kitchen is going to feel like Christmas.  I miss baking!

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