Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Overimproving ...

We made appointments with several contractors before we even closed on the house.  We moved in on a Thursday and had the first contractor come Friday night.  Saturday morning was the second.  Anxious much?  We decided early on we wanted someone to manage the project.  When we did the renovation at our last house we did it ourselves.  Timing everything was a big mess, and even though this is a tiny place, it's a big job.  To us, anyway.  Now all that coordinating isn't my problem, you know?

When our contractor saw our little galley kitchen he suggested a built in refrigerator.  Um, no.  Right in that kitchen sat my beautiful counter-depth Kitchen Aid French door refrigerator.  The one I loved.  In thirty minutes it was over.  And if I wasn't convinced, one walk into that showroom was the end of me.  The wall with the refrigerator will be wall to wall cabinets.  No counters.  This little beauty will be flush with the cabinets with stainless built around it.  Can you see the black interior?  When you open the doors it lights up.  LED lighting!  Yes, I am officially a sucker.  NOBODY needs this.

My range is a cook's dream.  Gas range and electric oven, exactly what a cook and/or baker lives for.  So dual range it is.  Complete with 20,000BTUs on the front left and multiple fans for the convection settings.  Now I can use the convection oven to bake bread or delicate cakes on a lighter convection fan setting without fear they will fall.

Last but not least is the beautiful oven hood.  That side of the kitchen won't have cabinets over the countertops.  We saw a galley kitchen (Houzz, we love you) that eliminated those upper cabinets and it made made that little hall seem much more open.

Thanks for following along.  Not everyone thinks a range is pretty. . .

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