Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Make Right Choices

That's about as close to whitewash as I can show you.  There are so many versions and I like them all.  Ours will probably have a little more rustic look to it.

White shaker cabinets are simple.  We like simple.  We originally were going for dark cabinets in the kitchen, but it's really dark in that room.  Not really a room, more like a hall.  At first we thought dark would make the floor pop . . . and then we realized we are always partial to a white kitchen.  We need light in that space.  As long as there's a slight contrast we should be good.

Marble countertops in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms.  Yes, I know water makes marble rust.  I had a marble floor in my bathroom in my home and, unfortunately, a toilet dripped a slow drip.  That rust won't come out.  So it's all about being careful. 
Yet to be decided is the hardware for the cabinets and hardware for bathroom faucets.
Two of these 20th C. Factory Filament Metal Triple Pendants (in zinc) will hang over the dining room table.  We are fans of those squirrel cage filament bulbs and chose them in smoke glass.
I want to show you my refrigerator.  The refrigerator I never remotely ever thought I would entertain purchasing.  But I have this contractor.  And he has an eye . . .
Appliances deserve their own post.

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