Friday, July 31, 2015

Way to feel young...

If you want to feel young again, move to a 55 and over community.  All of a sudden I want to put on a bathing suit and swim in the pool!  I feel sporty driving my Toyota Camry, you guys.  My local Smith's has a place for shoppers to park their golf carts.  And all those parking spaces are taken.  There are bridge clubs and sewing clubs and bocce ball groups.  Cribbage and canasta.  Woodworking and arts and crafts!  Special speakers come and talk about estate planning and knee replacement surgery.  Young, I tell you.  I feel young!

Also, it's exceptionally quiet here.  Like you hear nothing.  One neighbor is 90-plus and when my spouse tried to ask her what time the mail typically arrived she hollered, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU."  The other guy, well, let's just take a peek at the empty box on the top of his trash can this morning.  Yes, that's an empty box of Ensure.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Smells like old people . . . more pictures.

Better view of the wall of windows in the living area.

Can you see the greenbelt through the shutters in this next picture?  What about my Adirondack chairs on the patio?

This is the view from the sliding glass doors to the front.  That door has to go.  The doorway to the right leads to the second bathroom and David's office.  He needs a place to keep those ice skates he packed.  I love him.

You can see light coming from the skylight in the second bathroom through that hallway.

Especially here.

In this picture I'm standing in David's office doorway.  To the left is the second bathroom.  Straight ahead you're looking at a linen closet.  To the right you can see out to the living area.

That office is scary so that's all I'm willing to show.  I'm sorry you'll have to miss the mirrored closet doors.  You will just have to trust me how awful they are because they are being replaced in the renovation.

This is out my front door.  To the left is my garage, to the right is David's office.

And my front door . . . it needs paint, black paint.  All in good time.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Overimproving ...

We made appointments with several contractors before we even closed on the house.  We moved in on a Thursday and had the first contractor come Friday night.  Saturday morning was the second.  Anxious much?  We decided early on we wanted someone to manage the project.  When we did the renovation at our last house we did it ourselves.  Timing everything was a big mess, and even though this is a tiny place, it's a big job.  To us, anyway.  Now all that coordinating isn't my problem, you know?

When our contractor saw our little galley kitchen he suggested a built in refrigerator.  Um, no.  Right in that kitchen sat my beautiful counter-depth Kitchen Aid French door refrigerator.  The one I loved.  In thirty minutes it was over.  And if I wasn't convinced, one walk into that showroom was the end of me.  The wall with the refrigerator will be wall to wall cabinets.  No counters.  This little beauty will be flush with the cabinets with stainless built around it.  Can you see the black interior?  When you open the doors it lights up.  LED lighting!  Yes, I am officially a sucker.  NOBODY needs this.

My range is a cook's dream.  Gas range and electric oven, exactly what a cook and/or baker lives for.  So dual range it is.  Complete with 20,000BTUs on the front left and multiple fans for the convection settings.  Now I can use the convection oven to bake bread or delicate cakes on a lighter convection fan setting without fear they will fall.

Last but not least is the beautiful oven hood.  That side of the kitchen won't have cabinets over the countertops.  We saw a galley kitchen (Houzz, we love you) that eliminated those upper cabinets and it made made that little hall seem much more open.

Thanks for following along.  Not everyone thinks a range is pretty. . .

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Make Right Choices

That's about as close to whitewash as I can show you.  There are so many versions and I like them all.  Ours will probably have a little more rustic look to it.

White shaker cabinets are simple.  We like simple.  We originally were going for dark cabinets in the kitchen, but it's really dark in that room.  Not really a room, more like a hall.  At first we thought dark would make the floor pop . . . and then we realized we are always partial to a white kitchen.  We need light in that space.  As long as there's a slight contrast we should be good.

Marble countertops in the kitchen as well as the bathrooms.  Yes, I know water makes marble rust.  I had a marble floor in my bathroom in my home and, unfortunately, a toilet dripped a slow drip.  That rust won't come out.  So it's all about being careful. 
Yet to be decided is the hardware for the cabinets and hardware for bathroom faucets.
Two of these 20th C. Factory Filament Metal Triple Pendants (in zinc) will hang over the dining room table.  We are fans of those squirrel cage filament bulbs and chose them in smoke glass.
I want to show you my refrigerator.  The refrigerator I never remotely ever thought I would entertain purchasing.  But I have this contractor.  And he has an eye . . .
Appliances deserve their own post.

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Follow along for the ride...

We live someplace else now.  After 21 years we pulled the trigger, listed our house and 47 days later we moved.  Want to join us on the ride?  A renovation ride?  Because it's going to be a trip.

Have you ever seen 23 year old linoleum?  No?  Well, here it is.  This is my little galley kitchen that will eventually have white shaker cabinets and my dream oven.  DREAM OVEN.  Dual fuel dream oven.  Can you visualize?

Check out the dreamy overhead florescent fixtures below.  That's sarcasm.  Going, going, gone.

I'm not sure the carpet is 23 years old, but it could be.  That's master bedroom carpet meeting 23 year old linoleum again.  Can you envision whitewash wood floors?  Because that's what is replacing that carpet.

Mirror be gone.  New vanities.  Can you picture it?

Living area with that stupendous chandelier.  Again, sarcasm.  Can you see new 5" baseboards and white walls?  What about that whitewash wood floor?  Not yet?  It's okay...

At 1026 sq. ft. I can totally understand why someone felt they needed central vac, can't you?

THIS beauty plays cassette tapes!  And that intercom?  There's one in every room.  I suspect there may have been some 'hard of hearing' individual who lived here.  I can whisper in 1026 square feet and my spouse can hear me.  Did I mention there are TWO doorbells?  And one is in the master bathroom.  Someone was extra afraid they might miss something.

A phone jack in every room. 

Intercom on the patio?  No problem.  We have it!

See that mirror?  It's coming off the wall.  And yes, the famous Las Vegas bathroom lighting is out the door, too.  More 23 year old linoleum.

Here's the real reason we bought this place.  This is what I look at every morning.  From my bedroom windows and my living area windows.  I don't have to water.  I don't have to mow or trim.  This greenbelt makes me happy.

Another reason we bought this place?  This is the skylight in the master bathroom. I took this picture this morning, and the second bathroom has the same thing . . . sometimes during the day I go in the bathrooms to turn the lights off.  Except the lights aren't on.  It's natural light.

When the cabinets arrive in 4-5 weeks demo starts.  We vacate for 3-4 weeks and the fun begins.  Want to watch along with us?  Check back. 
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