Saturday, September 7, 2013

vacation coma...

Today is our last full day at the beach.  That familiar "why does it have to be over" has overtaken us but we are determined to make the most of our day.  I love this place more than I can communicate.

Yesterday there was tennis and beach time, rides on that breathtaking section of the PCH and delicious food.  We ate breakfast in The Blue Cottage and got to the sand earlier than most days.  I finally made my contribution to Vine and took some fun video of my spouse in the water.

I finished Defending Jacob.  Another departure for me, this novel, but the review I read convinced me to give it a shot.  I'm glad I did.  If I could have paced and read at the same time that would have helped.

By now you can see we went back to The Counter for dinner last night.  I think the waiters might all be models.  Models with lots of personality.  I digress, probably because I'm experiencing beef overload. Food overload.

On the drive to The Counter I pulled the car over at a local flower stand to check out an Autumn wreath I spied the day before.  Purchase!  We kept driving north and stopped at that cupcake place, only the BEST cupcake place in the entire universe.  Red velvet, strawberry, vanilla with sprinkles.  I went to Bristol Farms to check for a Fall doormat and found one.

We stopped at a new candy shop to check for the tiny boxes of fireballs.  Always looking for those.  No luck.

After dinner we went to Balboa Island to see if that little baby shop was still open.  When it wasn't I had no choice but to get that frozen banana.
I have not had a Laguna Beach caramel apple nor have I stopped into LaRue du Chocolat or the gelato shop.  I don't know how time evaporates when you're here, but it does.  I have a few things to bring home from the trip that will trigger a memory.  A pillow here, a shell there, a silly piece of coral, all reminders of the time I spent eight days at the beach with my best friend, who I love.

I'm headed down to the sea now...

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Me said...

You guys are too adorable. I wanna see that wreath!