Monday, September 2, 2013

The Yankee Glare

First up in this stack of books is the longest read, all 847 pages of Stephen King's 11/22/63.  At first glance this isn't a book I would be remotely interested in, but I read a compelling review and had to dive feet first.  I love reading something with a New England connection, sometimes for the reminder of a colloquialism I've long forgotten and sometimes for the descriptions of things so familiar to me but now so distant.  This is a good beach read.

Yesterday was sedate and lovely.  No Irish tan, no reason to get in the car, just a simple quiet day by the ocean.

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Melissa McDonald said...

I want to read this book now! I had read some other good reviews, but that one was persuasive.

(One of my favorite books in high school was by Stephen King.)

Did you say you have Gone Girl with you? Kelly says it's addictive like crack. No putting it down.

Patti said...

I finished Gone Girl and Kelly was right. Please read it so we can talk about it. It's one of those books, you just NEED to discuss.

Melissa McDonald said...

I'll totally get it! Love my Nook.