Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The longer you look at the ocean the more you see...

Just like every Tuesday after Labor Day, the beach was deserted yesterday.   It was bliss.  My spouse headed to the tennis courts up in Laguna Hills while I went to the little gym around the corner with the extra old clientele.  When I finished I drove down to the village and noticed I had my pick of parking spaces.  It was a quick stop to pick up some cherry danish for "that guy who lives in the garage."

We walked down to the beach loving the slower feel here.  It was a scorching day, but when you move your chair down toward the water close enough to feel the surf hit your ankles, well, it's all good.  Especially when you see dolphins.  We stayed late and read and watched the sun hit the ocean.

Later we drove north on Pacific Coast Highway to Newport to give TK Burgers a shot.  Delicious.  Sprinkles had orange cupcakes with our names on them, so we made a stop there before heading back to The Blue Cottage.

Right now I am consumed with visiting The Wedge.

I love it here.  I'm where I want to be.
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