Sunday, September 1, 2013

May I blog about Bao?

There's this little place on Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach we love.  Ho Sum Bistro serves up some Asian food with a California twist.  Believe it or not, one of the best things on the menu is a salad they serve - if you google Ho Sum you're likely to read about that salad.  Yelpers rule the world!

I'm going to apologize for these pictures.  They are not doing this Bao justice.  Let me just say this is my new passion.  Cha Sui Bao is lean pork barbequed and then wrapped and baked in a fluffy steamed bun.  It was served with a delicious hoisin sauce and I was close to speechless.  I communicated my new love of the Bao to the owner.  He was happy we arrived before they were sold out.  The pork is luscious.

To prove they are committed to Asian food with a California twist, these dumplings are in a spicy cilantro sauce.
Sprinkles was next where I was sucked into trying the special S'Mores cupcake.  They know how to make homemade marshmallow.

Orange County is mobbed right now.  We sat in traffic on the road into Laguna long before that typically happens.  We weren't able to get a parking space downtown last night, so Tuvulu will have to wait.  No matter, all the crowds will leave Monday and we'll still be here.   I will never adjust to how beautiful this place is.  It still takes my breath away.
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