Thursday, September 5, 2013

Johnny's Real NY Pizza (in Corona del Mar)

He looks crabby here, but this is the face of elation.  His favorite little New York pizza place on Pacific Coast Highway was everything he loves.
We left Johnny's and stopped at Sprinkles for a red velvet and a triple cinnamon.  Then to the beach, the beautiful deserted beach.  That is where we stayed until 7 o'clock.  We have permanent smiles on our faces.
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TuiakiMom said...

How many sprinkles cupcakes have you had? Haha lets not talk about it!

Barbara said...

It makes me laugh that you said he looks crabby! Haha! Love your vacation posts!

Barbara said...

I love that you said he looks crabby! It made me laugh. I love all your vacation posts!