Tuesday, September 3, 2013

by the sea, by the sea ...

Everything about time is different at the beach, so I'm going to estimate and say we left the sand around 5:30 last night.  We wore our backpack beach chairs and started up the hill to our little cottage, towing the cooler of diet coke (lighter than when we arrived), the boogie board, fins and beach bag.  It's always good to come back to The Blue Cottage.

Dinner was at one of our favorite beach places, complete with welcome dogs at their owners' feet and the best guac ever.  There's room for all versions of Mexican food in this world . . . we pulled that idea apart over our dinner.  Los Tacos, you have the best ceviche I've ever tasted.  Taco Taco, thank you for teaching me how a real street taco should taste.  Why am I pushing 60 and just finding out about al pastor?

We went to the Director's Cut theatre to see the last showing of The Way Way Back and it was excellent.  Steve Carell is under-appreciated as an actor, I think, and that's probably Michael Scott's fault.  He was so unlikeable in this role.  Just to mix it up, Sam Rockwell was very likable.  Go figure.

I found a tiny local gym around the corner that cut me a deal to use their treadmills for a week.  It's about the size of my bedroom but it works!  Also, I am the youngest person in the place, so it's a win-win.

I am considering what seaside treasure to bring home for my house.  This is never a rash decision for me.  I like to visit a few of my favorite shops and think on it.  Whatever it happens to be it will remind me of the time we spent together at the ocean, so it's important.  This is the best place ever.

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Melissa McDonald said...

I am going to see The Way Way Back for my birthday. I was supposed to see it for my anniversary but we can't seem to get out of our house sometimes, lol.

TuiakiMom said...

I love how you describe everything, you make it sound so dreamy and glamorous... I'm super jealous