Sunday, September 15, 2013

au revoir Laguna

In case you couldn't tell vacation was pretty perfect.  Lazy days by the ocean reading and plotting our next culinary adventure - very hard work I tell you.  Hard to believe, but I don't blog about every single place we go to eat.  Only the ones I can really say good things about.  So, um, I am on calorie restriction and not very happy about it.  Monday night we both went to bed hungry and there was whining.  This trip was worth waiting for, even through the long hot Las Vegas summer.  I cannot wait to go back.

No segue at all...

My family is cursed with lumps where lumps just shouldn't be, so I found myself in an operating room the week before last.  I didn't find out about this little adventure until the day before I left for my vacation.  Did it put a damper on my fun?  No.  Not one bit.  See how that made me sound like the chill girl?  I'm not her, but in this case I was!  One for Patti.  Also, I'm well.  Results confirm.

Being home doing nothing for a few days wasn't exactly like being at the beach doing nothing.  I thought I might lose my mind on one of those days and then I thought, HEY, order your Christmas cards.  Good idea, right?  This is the same person who can't stop ranting (I'm being nice) about the universe talking about Autumn, pumpkin desserts and apple cake when it's still 99 degrees here.  Whatever.  Did I do some Christmas shopping while I was at it?  YES.  Yes, I did.  Oh, the hypocrisy.

La la la la . . . so it's later than mid-September already.  October is that month where, despite the Autumn thing that's going on, the world loses just a little bit of focus and starts to talk about pink ribbons and pink M&Ms and all the things we can do to help "the cause."  The breast cancer cause.  If you're in the mood for some chocolate, buy the pink package, would you?  If you just want to support Susan Komen, THAT is awesome.  One walk for breast cancer will tug at your heartstrings - you can register on October 1st.  That pink month.

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Jessie said...

Glad your vacation was fabulous full of good eats and books. Hope only good news comes back from the doctor.

cm2e said...

yes she is!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited...after I talked to you I closed my book - got out of bed and ran to start up the computer again...I happy, happy, do have a gift! and it's not just in the baking department...altho that is quite a gift too!