Friday, June 28, 2013

Hotter than hades...

It's hotter than hell in Las Vegas right now, national news even.  I rarely complain about the summers in Las Vegas because I'm crazy about the trade off.  I can play tennis outside in December!  Of course, I don't play tennis outside in December - I just want to know I can.  Thank you Woody Allen.

I might actually fry an egg on my driveway this weekend.  I've always wanted to do that.

Also up this weekend?  Tying up some loose ends for Girls' Camp.  Finishing assignments and talks and gluing cute sayings on candy bars.  Cutting up 4,000 Scripture Mastery Tags (literally) and finding the hot water bottles.  And maybe getting some help practicing my dance numbers?  Yep, that was supposed to be plural.  Just a tiny bit outside of my comfort zone.  It's two weeks away, but let's just stay inside and do this all now.  Who wants to go out when you can fry an egg on the driveway?  Not me. 

I have a treadmill in my garage, a tiny little area set up for me to do a little cardio every morning.  In January I had to wear a sweater for the first 10 minutes of my "interval training".  This morning I just took my shirt off.  The two fans I have are not going to cut it this weekend.  Did I mention it's hotter than hell here?  Well, it is.

I put my spouse on a diet.  It isn't that he needed to be on a diet so much, but I needed to be on a diet.  And this strict regimen would just be so much easier if he was on board.  So I convinced (tricked) him into participating and agreeing to three full weeks of nothing but grilled chicken, grilled salmon, shrimp, egg whites, apples and berries.  I might have even told him I was certain he'd lose 20 pounds.  Long story short, he is in misery, but holy cow the scale is moving.  He doesn't calorie restrict the same way I do, not even close.  So the question is . . . do I make him a cake or not?

Google, you disappoint me re: Reader.  Just saying.

Feedly, I love the way you look, but you are letting me down fairly regularly.  I read that post 14 days ago. Please get better.

I am not going to the beach until the Saturday before Labor Day this year.  Note to self:  NEVER DO THAT AGAIN.  Know why?  You had to ask?  It's hotter than hell here.

I need to read Who Moved My Cheese again.  Now that I think of it, I should probably make that a recurring event in my calendar, maybe for every six months.  I need that.

At first I thought Amazon Prime was a joke.  Now I love it.

What about those June brides in Las Vegas?  I don't think there will be many outdoor wedding photos in Las Vegas tomorrow.

This strawberry sour cream pie is a good one to make now that berries are in season.  It isn't what it sounds like at all . . . the sour cream and flour sort of create a kind of chewiness that's delightful.  Highly recommend.

Lately I've been making extra large versions of this Chocolate Chip Cookie and stashing them in the freezer, experimenting with all sorts of fun candy bars and always some heath bar bits for good measure (and a great chew).  I've learned to use closer to five cups of flour than six living in the desert.  I have new cookie bags just waiting to be decorated with that washi tape.

Do you know about this Pick Your Plum daily deal?  Thank you, Robyn for introducing me.  I have enough bakers' twine to last me until I'm dead at least a decade.  The tape, the embosser, personalized leather journals, ice cream cups.  It's fun. 

Do you have any Camp hints?  I need them.  I have bad hair.

This was for you, Barbara.

Stay cool, Las Vegas.

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