Friday, July 13, 2012

winding down...

I woke up to the sound of rain this morning.  I reached for my Blackberry to check the forecast . . . the picture from my deck did not match the optimism of the day's outlook, as you can see.  I took the morning to walk to the village for a manicure and then back to the deck to finish my book.  By the time I arrived "home" I could see the sun trying to work some magic for me on my last full day of vacation.  Vacation in paradise.

On my walk back I did my best to show you the men in The Chocolate Soldier hand dipping candies they'd just made in the tiny kitchen adjacent to the chocolate shop.  Closed.

Across the way a cheese store with the familiar "cheese cave", no doubt more interesting to me after having just finished Bourdain's book. 

I saw dolphins today, a steady stream of pelicans in formation and the regular terrific dog population here in pup-friendly Laguna.  Why I tortured myself by agreeing to visit a pet shop this week I will never know . . . that little beagle's face is making me sad just thinking about him (despite the fact that I know [without question] he would dig holes in my backyard).  Sigh...

It's time to go home and I feel ready.  Ten days here makes it easier to leave, seven means you spill some tears as you approach the freeway.  I hope I come back someday.

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