Friday, July 6, 2012

the pro to the BYU sweatshirt

An overcast morning sent me up and out the door to the corner for that cinnamon roll for my spouse at The Orange Inn.  The overcast and hazy start to the day didn't stop me from making myself comfortable on the balcony with my book and a fleece blanket.  Later the sun appeared and I thought, well, if I could sleep on a hospital room floor (bought you some pink shoes today, Ruby) I can sleep anywhere.

So I made myself a bed of pillows on my beautiful deck and dozed in the sun for an hour.  It was about as perfect as you could imagine.  Next thing we knew it was 7p.m.  Time and vacation is a funny thing.

Off we walked down to LaSirena (on Mermaid) for some guacamole and chips and some carne asada tacos and pork habanero slow cooked carnitas.

Later to La Rue du Chocolate (where I met a golden retriever I wanted to take home with me.)  Instead I took a cashew turtle and some milk chocolate covered marzipan, my spouse a mallo cup and a milk chocolate krispee.
Two doors down was the gelato store.  This is sort of vacation for us, this gelato vice, shall we say.  We walked in and an adorable blonde surfer boy lit up when he saw my sweatshirt.  "BYU!" he exclaimed with enthusiasm.  He was very animated when he told us about applying and how he only had a year to wait to put in his mission papers. People were listening.  He mentioned the church building and we let him know we were familiar with the location since we usually stay at Manzanita Cottages.  When I asked him if he ever saw the church video about the boy who chose Seminary over surfing he said, "That's my cousin!"  Then I had to ask about his Seminary experience.  It was good and positive and a sweet exchange.  When I told him I was a Seminary teacher he said what they all say.  "I'm sorry."  I felt a longing I hadn't felt in a long time.  It was sweet and memorable.

This sweatshirt isn't all that bad.  Except for maybe that time in the Bed and Breakfast in La Jolla.  Let's just call it an experiment.

The beach is heaven right now.  Even accusatory (and off base) office phone calls this morning can't ruin heaven on earth.  There is just nothing like this.

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