Thursday, July 5, 2012

frivolity, fireworks and fond melodies...

Last night we joined everyone on the property for a 4th of July barbeque complete with ribs and chicken and burgers and assorted unauthorized beverages.  I am not a social person.   Much the opposite is true.  I like my spouse and he's the one I want to spend time with.  But there was a live band and I saw older people dressed like Uncle Sam (with British accents) - plus, the rooftop on the property has a fire pit and couches and it's overlooking the sea.  So I sauntered in with the best insurance you can have for minimal conversation with strangers . . . I wore my BYU sweatshirt.  Right about now the only thing better would be a Scientology sweatshirt . . . even if I saw those for sale I couldn't bring myself to do it, so this worked just fine.  We stayed and listened to some Neil Young (why is he such a curmudgeon now?) and some Eva Cassidy, all the while waves crashing.  After dusk the fireworks began and they were impressive.

This is the gated walkway down to our place.

This little hippie-vibe establishment has been here since our very first trip to Laguna Beach. They make a delicious orange muffin and some beautiful cinnamon rolls.  It sits on Pacific Coast Highway and our place is behind it by about a quarter of a block.
Today's agenda is reading in the sun.  How terrific is that?

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Melissa said...

Bahaha! Sweatshirt as conversation stopper. Love it. :)