Thursday, July 5, 2012

beachy arrested development, bluth bananas and overcast skies

Still no sun in Laguna.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really don't care right now.  We had a laid back day and never left the beach house until 2:30.  From there we headed up to Ho Sum Bistro in Newport for some seaside non-traditional Asian cuisine.  I know it's hard to believe one might choose a salad in this place, but they're known for it, and with good reason.  This "combo" salad looked better before I decided to share the top third.  They mix it right in front of you.  Delicious.
Next came the Kung Pao Noodles with some sweet and spicy chicken tossed with an array of Chinese vegetables, peppers and peanuts.  The only thing better than the aroma was the taste.
Here are the Crispy Crab Bellies, Ho Sum's version of Crab Rangoon.  The sauce they serve is a citrus ginger marmalade.  Wish I knew how to make that one.
Believe it or not, the next dish is the reason my spouse likes to frequent Ho Sum.  Simple pork fried rice is what he loves there.  Doesn't it look fabulous?
Still no sun at the beach, so we took a drive down to Balboa Island.  I don't know why we haven't explored that tiny downtown village street - it has that quaint vibe that keeps us coming back to this part of California.  I popped into one baby store after another, spying little tiny shoes and Florence Eisman navy blue sweater dresses.  So fun.  Later I saw this place and had to document it for the Arrested Development fans in my family.

I watched.  I studied.  And then I gave in.  I ordered that frozen banana dipped in warm chocolate.  I was skeptical.  They rolled it in toffee bits (there were many other choices).  I paid my $3.25 and took my first bite.  I am not exaggerating for emphasis (or for any other earthly reason) . . . I had to sit down to eat it.  It was heaven and I needed to concentrate.  Remember I was skeptical.  And I can hardly wait to go back. 
Gee it was a nice day, even sans sun.  We are now reading while listening to the beating of the ocean waves directly in front of us, a raging fire lit in our cozy little bungalow.  It's chilly and heavenly.  I'll say it again.  Life is good...

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