Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday musings...

Arrrggghh...I've played 68 games of Scrabble against the computer and won 67. The stats tell me I've won 98 percent of the matches, but now my competitive nature just wants to see 99 percent. I've just figured out I need to play 32 more games to see that number (math isn't my forte) ...and that's if I happen to win all 32 games. Not likely. I'm driving myself crazy - crazier than I already am.

Today is Thursday, which means we are winding down. Sigh...

If I'm lucky enough to be alive in 2012 I will come back to this place that I love, the place that causes me to reflect, feel gratitude and recharge. I don't think about lawyers committing malpractice when I'm here, no six million dollar judgments nor new rule changes about computation of time. I don't think about picking up dry cleaning or about how my house needs to be painted. What I do think about is being better, that lesson I'm teaching and what I want to communicate...the women in my Ward who spontaneously pop into my head at random moments, my family and how I wish we could be together more...and new babies joining us.

No segue.

Last night we went to Cafe Zoolu. The swordfish was superb. I laughed when I went back to that post I just linked to ... my last sentence actually says, "I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle life, and more." The very next afternoon I landed in my Bishop's office and life changed dramatically. I can't believe my narrow minded New Englander persona is sharing this, but change is good. I mean it.

Today was memorable. A good day. We felt adventurous and drove a few miles up the road and went to a tiny beach just west of Pacific Coast Highway. Very very close to Crystal Cove, but deserted and without the hippie vibe. I read and dozed and read some more. Then I did something very out of character and went in the water. The surf is rough right now and I was close to being knocked over more than once. I proclaimed I was going to Costa Azul and renting a wetsuit for my last full day at the beach tomorrow. It was going to be a boogie boarding day. Later a paddle boarding man approached us asking if a young girl in the water belonged with us. When he found her father (or grandfather) he said, "I just saw a shark longer than my paddle." So, well, my plans have changed.

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