Tuesday, July 19, 2011

start spreading the news...

See that girl on the left in the polka dot jacket? That's my cousin Claremarie. She is my Mum's first cousin, which I always thought made her my second cousin, right? But there's a rumor out there about us being first cousins once removed? If you know how this works (I'm talking to you, Cath) please email me. I'm too tired today to decipher that family tree 'once removed' business.

Clare and I live 2,500 miles apart (she's a teacher in Boston), but the only distance between our ages is five months. She is like a sister to me . . . a very important part of my life. She's been known to make the trek west for our family milestones, despite the fact that she knows I don't own a coffee pot. This is huge. It must be said I'm not exactly typically available on those trips, either, usually preoccupied with feeding lots of people or silly details I'm managing on the lists in my head . . . but she still makes it. When Bridget was on her mission Clare faithfully wrote once a week, never failed. Did I mention she slipped cash into that weekly letter? Isn't that fun? I hope I've done a good enough job explaining to her what that means to a poor missionary...

We both arrive in New York City tomorrow for a trip we've been planning for five years. We have this little joint vacation bank account, Clare and I. Small deposits are made every month. Our last trip (when we turned 50) was to Alaska - this year we decided upon the exact opposite trip, off to the Big Apple. We have tickets to plays and Museum of Modern Art plans, restaurants recommended by Bobby Flay and other foodies (that was my job) . . . and plans to visit the Prada building and Ground Zero. A ferry ride? Yes. And a trip to Dean and Deluca.

Claremarie asked me to blog during our adventure, so I will. It must be said I feel like I need to explain because this trip seems extravagant. I like to blog when I'm on vacation. I'm building a memory, sort of like going on the New York/New York roller coaster twice with Phil. But things in Las Vegas are generally abysmal (from an economic standpoint) and it's possible someone might misunderstand and think I'm bragging. Or extravagant. I'm neither. We live a very frugal lifestyle, my spouse and I. We happen to like Dave Ramsey and we don't buy something unless we have the cash to pay for it. We have a little Christmas fund and save all year (beginning in January) so we can buy non-extravagant Christmas gifts for our large family. And we save religiously for our time together at the beach every year. So just know I'm not bragging . . . and things are never really the way they look, you know? Unless it's a donut. If you see a picture of a donut on my blog this week, it's real

Enough of that... I am hopping onto a red eye tonight that gets me into JFK at 6 a.m. And I'm really going directly to Doughnut Plant. There are no scales in NYC.

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have fun! awesome post..that CM is one of a kind..