Sunday, July 24, 2011

Locanda Verde

TriBeCa is a walk from our hotel, Locanda Verde about a mile. Almost there we stumbled upon Bubby's. It's on the list, but time is running out.

Locanda Verde (Robert DeNiro's place) was right down the block from Bubby's. The waiter told me he'd turn a blind eye if I took a picture (he was adorable) but if his manager saw I would more than likely be scolded about violating the "no pictures" policy. I tried to pick and choose what photos to take in case I was reprimanded. So I bring you my selection, first the Uovo Modenese with cotechino hash, spinach and tomato hollandaise. A loose translation would be a cross between hash and eggs benedict, made with house-made cotechino, spinach, and tomato hollandaise. Let's just say up until today I thought I knew how to poach an egg. It was memorable.

Claremarie chose a Zucchini Frittata with roasted tomato, goat cheese and basil.

Now comes the best part. I'd read reviews of a dessert at this restaurant. A budino. This happened to be Clare's selection - now that's what I call vicarious pleasure. I give you the Chocolate Budino with coffee crème fraiche gelato, hot fudge, and coffee granita. The granita was spread over the top of the dessert - it looked like crystalized ginger. It was impressive. She loved it.

My choice? The peach and plum crumble. It didn't disappoint. I love a fruit dessert.

The building was brick walls covered in art. I asked about the art . . . Robert DeNiro's father is the artist. It was fun.

Later we had a tour of some famous sights. The Dakota Building as in John Lennon and Rosemary's Baby...

The Manhattan Temple...

Beautiful Central Park . . . I really want to go back there and spend some time in the park. If the weather would only cooperate.

It's hotter than blazes. No words.

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ellen said...

Hot or not, NYC is where it's at! I get hungry looking at all your photos!

Cathy T. said...

That looks wonderful...tomorrow is supposed to be better weatherwise...have more fun!! Cath