Friday, July 22, 2011

the Guggenheim . . .

It's hotter than hades. You're just going to have to trust me . . . it's oppressive. So it was another museum day, today a trip to the Guggenheim. I'm so glad I went. The building was incredible. Take a peek.

My favorite thing there was the Hans-Peter Feldman exhibition, gallery walls in a grid of overlapping one-dollar bills. It was mesmerizing. This museum didn't allow pictures except on the first floor - I really wanted a picture from the top looking down, but I'm a rule follower. Not everyone was. They had a Manet collection, a Kandinsky room, a Cezanne grouping and some Degas. Sometimes I felt like I was in the middle of Six Degrees of Separation surrounded by all that art. Beautiful place.

We left and crossed the street to Central Park, but I was paralyzed by the humidity. No Central Park today. We jumped into a cab and took a ride to Luke's Lobster and had a delicious lobster roll . . . devoid of mayo (in the best possible way) with a little drizzle of butter, all in the 'one true' hot dog roll. Ed's Lobster Bar is next.

I haven't seen a single knock-off yet, but I'm convinced I saw Clarence Thomas and his wife. I went so far as to google his whereabouts looking for verification. Nothing.

Tonight is an 8 o'clock play. Stay cool, New York City.

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