Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fifty city blocks, MOMA and Eataly...

I never asked how far we were walking today. Clare is like a human GPS. She's the map lady. I just follow. That is, unless it's time to eat. The eating thing is my responsibility. So this morning I put on my Asics and off we went. Turns out it was more than 50 city blocks. Did I mention the heat and humidity today? Doesn't matter. I survived.

Our first stop was the Empire State Building. I completely understand anyone rolling their eyes at such a touristy thing to do. I get it. We wanted that view from the Observation Deck. I will just tell you it was a little like Disneyland and not one single bit like Buddy the Elf walking into that place. Lines like Disney (think horse corral) where they try to sell you pictures and maps and audio tours...later they yell at you if you're not moving fast enough. We arrived at the observation deck only to discover it was too hazy to see the park. We could hardly wait to get out of there.

We kept walking down Fifth Avenue. I saw what seemed to be a tiny gourmet shop but turned out to be a 45,000 square foot incredible Italian market/restaurant experience. Eataly. Mario Batali is a partner in this market that houses several different restaurants as well as a pasticceria, a gelateria, a butcher, a fish monger . . . and more. We could have easily missed it.

We left and finished walking to the Museum, where my camera decided it was drained of all battery power after taking my first picture inside. Sigh. I have no pictures of the Frida, the Jackson Pollock or the Andy Warhol of Marilyn Monroe, but I did manage a picture of a Monet from a beautiful Monet room. It was unexpected in a museum dedicated to modern art.

It was a taxi to come back to The Mercer Hotel and get ready for tonight, some Italian food and a play. I shall report back.

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