Tuesday, March 29, 2011

revisiting the 'more is better' theory (again...)

I once read a "beauty tip" about washing your hair in vinegar. It was the famous Ree from The Pioneer Woman. Let's face it, she knows everything (AND she sent me a set of Wusthoff knives.) So I took the plunge and followed her advice. Every day. Except maybe I didn't dilute that vinegar because, as we all know, more is better. In a week my hair looked like straw. Not the regular 'lack of estrogen/old lady' straw hair. No, not like that. So much worse I can't even tell you. Off to Zharmen, my little Iranian hairdresser. She gasped. WHAT have you been doing? I don't have much hair and the hair I happen to have, well, it just isn't that great. More isn't better, as it turns out. AGAIN. Luckily, her fix helped quite a bit . . . and now I'm a fan. Phyto Intense Hydrating Shampoo. I don't use it every day because I am learning more isn't always better. Also, it's pricey. End of story.

Sun. Let's talk about the beautiful sun. An hour in the sun? Awesome, yes? Six hours in the sun? Even better. I still agree with this, but the age spots on my face do not. Sigh.

Other things that might possibly fall into this category:

water for my plants
fiber one bars
make up

It's quite a quest for balance, this life, yes?

All I really want to do today is share this picture. If I have to blog about 'more isn't better' to get there, I will. Did you know? My daughter is getting married and I'm just a little preoccupied. Aren't they cute?

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cm2e said...

have to be careful w/ those fiber one bars!

So, so cute!

cm2e said...

"After blog owner approval?"

Whatcha gonna do? Check my spelling?

We know it needs checking . . .that is rather comforting for me . . .

Joyce said...

They are an absolutly beautiful couple, im so happy for them and for you.

Mom and Dad said...

and, yes, once every few months I do use straight vinegar on my hair. it works when done once in a while!

Mom and Dad said...

very cute

also, I concur with PW - I've used straight vinegar every few weeks/months and it works like a charm. Never, though have I used it more frequently

BridgetToohey said...

hahah Claremarie