Thursday, March 31, 2011

etsy love...

There's a lot of etsy love at my house right now. Here's a peek, if you care...

This 8 x 10 will go in one of the Pottery Barn gallery frames for the guestbook table. Cute, right? Order from Your Keepsake Co. found here.

How about an announcement? Find them here at minkcards.

How about these favor tags? Find them here at maidavale.

Need some return address labels? lettercdesign is one of my favorites.

There's more. Because more is better. Please pass the cookies.

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BridgetToohey said...

prime numbers; 5/7/11

Melissa said...

Comments have been open?? I've been missing out because of a bad assumption. :)

I love the "Love is all you need". Love it.