Monday, January 10, 2011

packed Saturdays...

It started with a baby shower at my house for Bridget's friend Tamara.

We had delicious Greek salad (awesome job, Cam and Lauren) and assorted quiches like spinach and feta, sundried tomato and goat cheese, sausage and mushroom and ham and broccoli. Check out the delicious bread basket. Not pictured, some lucious apple crumb cheesecake bars with a caramel sauce. Busbys rule. They were good.

Thirty minutes after the shower started so did the Baptism. The famous "George from Seminary" sent me a text at 4:30 p.m. Friday night. Two years he came to my Seminary class. So I excused myself and left things in the hands of Bridget and Lauren and headed to the Stake Center. This is my 'genuine, from the bottom of my heart' happy face.

And with another boy I love, a former student who was baptizing George...

I hopped in the car and ran back to the shower . . . it was winding down. I saw old friends quizzing Bridget, not to mention Phil. It was fun.

Later that evening Bridget and I watched boys eat meat in a not so sparingly way. The company was awesome.

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