Sunday, January 23, 2011

An inch of snow an hour, red eye flights and cousins...

This was Saturday's view from my cousin's front porch in my home town. It was no easy feat getting to Boston . . . they were under a winter siege - an inch of snow an hour. First flight was canceled due to that heavy snow, that overnight "red eye" thing. So I flew all day Friday. I cracked open my Esquire Magazine and it lasted until Milwaukee. The writing is so good. I've often felt like a traitor to my gender because I prefer this magazine over all others (Bon Appetit is off limits), until I read this. I could not agree more. If Segullah can say it I can say it.

By the time I landed in Boston I had a handwritten list of "things to blog about." Where was it coming from? Was it just the solitary time I was unaccustomed to or was it the pensive mood? Not certain. In any case, look for Ten Reasons Why I love Andy Bernard. Maybe a few others a bit more serious.

I flew 6,000 miles for 20 hours in Boston . . . it was a trip well spent. I saw my sweet uncle Friday night, a man I never heard say a negative thing about a single soul. We talked and even laughed a little. Saturday he slipped right into the next life while I was at his house. The expression "surrounded by family and friends" will always feel different to me now. Even the hard parts of life can be beautiful experiences. In a couple of hours I was on an airplane home, grateful for the things I know to be true.

Slainte, Chick. You're there now.

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