Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas ramblings...

Sprinkles was full of special orders boxed up and ready to go. They had a spice cupcake with egg nog frosting and a chocolate candy cane cupcake. Festive. Did you know you can buy a shot of frosting there? Well, you can. A shot of Sprinkles frosting. Seventy-five cents. Awesome.

This is the gingerbread display at our hotel. CRAZY, right? It's a replica of a 1948 Ford Woodie. 150 pounds of gingerbread covered with candy and held together with 300 pounds of royal icing. It took 800 hours to make this thing - you should see the kids when they see this 18 foot long gingerbread display. Wide-eyed.

We sat here and read today (facing the Pacific) until the blanket just wasn't enough. It was lovely. The surfers were encouraged to get out of the water, but the beach wasn't closed. Beach patrol officers suggested surfers take 15 minute hot showers to rid themselves of the bacteria from the storm.

We decided to go to one of our favorite little places for some Christmas Eve guacamole. The power was out and the door was locked. I did the "but we're from Vegas and all we want is some of your guacamole." It worked. They packaged up a bag for us and then asked us, "What do you want - on the house - we'd have to throw it away anyway." A Christmas miracle I say. Carne asada, yes please. Delicious. Not exactly your typical Christmas Eve feast, but we loved it.

We're watching A Christmas Story and doing a lot of Christmas reminiscing. Christmas isn't the same without your kids, but you raise them to lead their own lives and be happy. It's great when they are. I'm happy when they're happy . . . and really grateful the man I married still wants to play tennis with me, even though he's so much better than I am. He voluntarily watches that holiday movie for the 1,000,000th time just because he knows it will make me happy. And sometimes he eats Thai food with me even though he'd rather have a hamburger or some pizza. Life is good, sometimes for really simple reasons.

Merry Christmas. I hope yours is full of peace and love.

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