Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas, flooding, Laguna and Dana Point...

We flew into Long Beach . . . hooray for Jet Blue and $22 flights. Awesome. No nail biting drive for Patti and a beautiful 40 mile drive to our destination south on Pacific Coast Highway. How I love that drive. Pictures will follow later, but Laguna Beach (the downtown area) took a bad hit from the rain. A big part of the boardwalk is just gone. Today the sun is shining and we are shortly headed out to sit in some adirondack chairs to read. The lobby is pretty, yes?

The view from the balcony and french doors in our room is lush. Thick green landscaping. It looks like Hawaii. Also, it does not feel like Christmas here.

I am bundling up in an Irish knit sweater and taking a blanket down to the terrace area. It's on a cliff overlooking the Pacific and there isn't a soul in sight.

Merry Christmas. I think.

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