Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas evidence and have a merry...

I've been a baking fool. I've managed to bake all the specialties, including Ina's Pecan Squares, Whoopie Pies (enough already), Almond Crescent Cookies, Desert Island butter cakes (with a twist) . . . and more. It's been fun.

Decorating is done . . . smaller scale this year because it's just us. I am crazy about every Christmas pillow in the house, especially the extra large red velvet ones.

Soon we depart rainy Las Vegas (huh?) to sit by the sea, hoping the Southern Calilfornia deluge has stopped and our hotel hasn't disappeared off the side of that beautiful Laguna cliff. We have reservations for Christmas Day brunch and a stack of novels and some rather indulgent specialty magazines. First up on the reading stack, One Day by David Nicholls. I'm excited about this one. There are three other novels that are part of the plan, a trip to Sprinkles for that vanilla cupcake I didn't eat in August . . . and some general relaxation and escape.

Yes, this is our walk down to the beach:

I hope your Christmas is merry and bright - and full of love and peace. I know He knows me, I know He loves me, and I know He's felt everything I've ever felt. For me, therein lies the peace I feel. Merry Christmas.

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