Sunday, November 28, 2010

Uno, Wii, Snow and Gingerbread...

Thanksgiving dinner was perfect . . . because Caity made it. Perfect turkey and stuffing and a delicious homemade cranberry relish with onion and pomegranate. Hot homemade rolls just out of the oven . . . and a Martha Stewart green bean dish with fried shallots that was so good I'm dreaming about it. Apple pie and pumpkin pie, ice cream from the co-op. Best dinner. Fun company.

To combat sleepiness we took out the Uno cards. This year we drew numbers to assign seats for our game. It worked. I ended up next to Russ' brother, Ryan, who easily won the award for "best trash talker". We mixed two decks for maximum playing time.

There were holiday movies and naps. Pretty much perfect.

Friday we went to Eagle to see the Wingets. We joined in their family tradition of making gingerbread houses the day after Thanksgiving and eating pizza. Translation: we ate candy and pizza. They are so fun.

Later we played a new dance game on the Wii. Robyn's sisters were good!

Later we headed to The Festival of the Trees in downtown Boise. There are no pictures on purpose. We walked to the movie theatre to see Unstoppable. It kept us awake...

This is what Boise looked like when we left for the airport yesterday. Snowy and gray.

We are warmer now, mostly because of the way we feel inside. Happy holidays.

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