Thursday, November 25, 2010

Boise Co-op, Boise Hippies and restaurant supply stores...

It is still very "arctic" here, but oh so fun. There have been trips to the restaurant supply store where I discovered bakery boxes in sizes I never knew existed, plastic bottles to drizzle icing on Christmas cookies and assorted gadgets that don't even come close to fitting into the "need" category.

Then there was the co-op, an amateur cook/foodie's dream store. Bliss.

On the way to Boise Bridget and Phil's car ended up off the road in a snowbank in some small Idaho town about an hour out of Twin Falls, stuck with no way out except with the help of a heavy duty tow. A ruined tire and a hanging muffler later (and some sad body damage) they are here safe and sound, ready to be pummeled in the annual family holiday game of Uno. Maybe Phase Ten.

Did I mention I'm frozen? To the bone? I am.

Also, doesn't this just look like Christmas dinner with the Bumpus family? When those dogs march across the kitchen floor it sounds just like that scene in A Christmas Story.

Have a happy happy Thanksgiving.

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