Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October, pink M&M's and absence that just doesn't leave...


This picture was taken in July, 1959. That is me on the far left at 3 years old, my sister Marianne in the middle, 2 years old, and my Mum. In her 20's.

They're both gone to that disease everyone talks about in October. Breast cancer charities are supported with sales revenue from pink M&M's, pink Hershey Kisses, even some special menus at restaurants you frequent. Maybe someday there will be a cure. In the meantime, eat a pink M&M.

If it wasn't for Breast Cancer Awareness Month my sister wouldn't have stopped what she was doing when she heard a medical professional (on Good Morning America) describe her lump. She wouldn't have heard why she needed to be proactive, despite the fact that her doctor told her it was nothing. And so it goes. In three days the diagnosis was real, the breast was gone and lives changed dramatically. We managed to be gifted with six years. Thank goodness for that six years. Gratitude.

Eat something pink this year, would you? I really miss them both.

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