Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Weekend...

San Francisco on Labor Day weekend was a quick, brisk (in a weather kind of way) and fun getaway. We managed to see enough to ensure my entire body ached when I got home late Monday night. Until Thursday.

We stayed in Union Square at The Clift. Friends recommended the hotel . . . it had a hip sort of young vibe, so what I'm saying is - we didn't belong. No matter, the location was perfect. We walked to the Ferry Building and stopped at Out the Door. I'm a sucker for The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and I had to try their Papaya Salad. It's my new favorite thing. Can't stop thinking about it. Honestly.

Keeping with the theme of The Best Thing I Ever Ate we went to Boccalone so my companion could sample all the cured meat he wanted. A charcuterie is his dream place. Those paper cones in the second picture are full of salami and sausage and mortadella...

Because I am a Lowellian at heart I loved, loved, loved North Beach. Jack Kerouac was everywhere, not a Starbucks in sight (just little coffeehouses) and the Italian restaurants were all calling my name. We ended up at IDEALe for dinner in North Beach.

The Bay Cruise took us to Sausalito, a fun Cape Cod quaint sort of place. We left there and drove back to the city over the Golden Gate Bridge. Beautiful. We went to the Palace of Fine Arts and through the Presidio. Chinatown, Nob Hill, Grace Cathedral, Lombard Street, The Golden Gate Park and Alamo Square "7 Sisters". Wasted.

Keeping up with the tradition of finding at least one place from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, we went to Dottie's True Blue Cafe and stood in line to get into the tiny place. Oh, Guy, we love you. How is it possible for a place to make a slice of toast just look like a piece of heaven? Everything made in house, every muffin, every drizzled piece of coffee cake, loaf of bread and blueberry corn cake. Worth waiting for . . . I would go again.

On Monday we met up with the McDonalds for some deep dish pizza across the bridge at Zachary's. It was delicious and the company was fun.

This is my favorite picture from Monday. This would be Grace deliberately posing for a picture to send Bridget. It wasn't long after we sort of misplaced Grace for a few minutes. In San Francisco. Just a few minutes...

Back to real life. Someone definitely moved my cheese.

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