Thursday, August 5, 2010

lazy hazy crazy days of Summer

It wasn't a beach day today. Not in the same way it isn't a beach day on Cape Cod ... I could have done it. There was just no sun. We opted to drive up the coast to Newport Beach and um, look what we found. Sprinkles!

The line went out the door. My spouse carefully chose four different cupcakes, a coconut, carrot, cinnamon (she modeled this cupcake after the original donut muffin) and a yellow cupcake with milk chocolate frosting. He has eaten all but the coconut cupcake . . . they haven't lost their touch.

We went to the Lido to see Inception. I'm saying nothing.

The Pacific is beautiful tonight. It's chilly . . . I'm turning in early with a book. The forecast isn't spectacularly sunny for tomorrow, but my plan is to sit staring at the ocean for the entire day. No matter what.

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