Friday, August 6, 2010

First Friday...

The street cleaners come by on Friday mornings ... I had to move the car. I decided to take a drive up Pacific Coast Highway toward Newport, again. I love that drive by Crystal Cove along the Pacific.

I walked into this store. It reminds me of my friend, Cori . . . so much color. I spied a beautiful glass cake dish with a dome. Perfect. The sales girl flipped it over for me to tell me the price. $172. Lovely, thank you, no.

I left the store and stumbled into a pet shop. Alright, maybe stumbled is the wrong word. I ended up on the floor with a dog I wanted to buy so much it hurt. I felt pain. I took his picture and send it to my spouse. His reply? "You know better than to go into a place like that." For support I sent the same picture to my granddaughter. Alexa said, "Grandma, BUY HIM." I had tears in my eyes when I left him.

I bought a pair of shoes instead. I hope they don't become that vacation casualty purchase . . . the one where you get home and think, um, I'm not sure what I was thinking.

Afterwards I stopped at that place. You know the place. I bought him a milk chocolate cupcake with milk chocolate sprinkles and a strawberry cupcake.

I arrived back at the beach place just after the street sweeper did what he had to do and made a beeline to the beach. My spot for the day was pretty perfect.

I'm not certain I'm committed to today's book . . . I'm enjoying the Carole King part and the Carly Simon part, but I sort of want to skip over Joni Mitchell. Doesn't seem right. This is pretty much the biggest decision I have to make today, which beats deciding what rule applies to a Supreme Court writ. I'll take it.

I see these two guys every day on my walk to the beach. Please forgive me, but, "Our pets heads are falling off."

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pretty bird pretty bird. we quote that line all the time. i want to go to there. that store patti cakes.