Tuesday, August 10, 2010

early evening at Shaw Cove

Last night we took a drive to check out the Cliff Drive area. We checked out both beach areas, tiny and secluded. Loved it.

Last month I made a few cakes for a wedding . . . I did the math and knew I needed 40 sticks of butter, but somehow when we got to Costco I thought I needed 40 pounds of butter. I have many pounds of butter in my freezer now, probably enough to get me through the holidays. It pained me to buy a pound of butter here. I'd say that was poor planning.

Last night we decided on Dinner for Schmucks . . . our timing was just off. We never made it. Have you seen the original, The Dinner Game? Old school screwball comedy. We liked it.

I'm back to the Carly Simon/Carole King book and another Emily Giffin book. Not feeling either. My plan is to take the stack of magazines to the beach today after we pick Bridget up at the airport. More to follow.

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