Saturday, August 7, 2010

dinner and a movie

Last night we walked a few blocks south to our favorite local restaurant, Cafe Zoolu. It never disappoints. If you don't have a reservation you don't eat there, so we've learned our lesson the hard way and we make those reservations way in advance. We are going back on Friday.

This is my macadamia nut swordfish. The sauce he puts on this swordfish is so terrific that's all I ever want to eat there. I cut about 1/3 off that hunk of fish and passed it over to my spouse. It's one of his favorites, too.

He opted for the meatloaf and loved it. When we asked if they'd removed the Cowboy Steak from their regular menu they said yes, but . . . "Would you like it next Friday? We'll get one for you." Done.

After dinner we walked north to the village and checked into Skandia Bakery, even though we knew there were no pastries coming back to our little cottage.

We went to see The Other Guys and laughed ourselves silly until midnight. The walk back to our cottage was interesting. Apparently there's nightlife in Laguna. Who knew?

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