Friday, July 30, 2010

a battery recharge...

We are off to our favorite respite, also known as Laguna Beach. This year we opted out of our regular lush Manzanita surroundings (in the way of gardens and plant life) to be closer than four blocks to the ocean. We are pretty much on Pacific Coast Highway, downtown, and a few steps from the ocean. I shall report on the outcome. This is our living room and kitchen. It's tiny.

Here is our view from the very small deck off the living room.

I have a long list of things to pack as well as a list of things not to pack, like lipstick. And hair gel. I have many books. Many. I shall share as I go along, in case you're interested.

This vacation will be less of our typical vacation culinary adventure since the winter wasn't good to me and my relationship with the scale (grrrr...). Now I'm a month away from standing in front of twenty-five teenagers each morning. I cannot for a minute be anything but single of mind, so the main source of my calories will continue to be vegetables. We do, however, have two reservations for Cafe Zoolu for the swordfish. And you know you can count on pictures of Sprinkles, no matter the cranky review in Cook's Illustrated. Don't get me started. Reports forthcoming. Vacation begins tomorrow.

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Caitlin said...

I think I should tear down my ceilings and make it look like those ones. How could I do that? Russell could do it, right? Yeah.

Bride said...

Russ COULD do it

and I can totally sleep on the deck. In that chair.

rychelle said...

do you have a link to this rental? or could you let me know how you find such great rentals?