Friday, May 28, 2010

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This morning I woke up with different front teeth. Four to be precise. I have little recollection of the process other than a nasty needle in the roof of my mouth and maybe spilling my guts (again) to the staff at the dentists' office. Let's just say they know quite a bit about me.

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Last week I picked up the phone in my office and said to my co-worker, "Wow, Sandra won Survivor, huh?!" Silence. "Patti, we haven't watched it yet." Nice.

No segue...

Yesterday was the last day of Seminary. I might have mentioned to my Seminary students I was having some 'knock me out' dental work right after I left the classroom. They quiz. "WHAT?" "Tell us what the dentist is doing?" I refuse to divulge the details, fighting the urge to let them know asking someone questions such as these, well, impolite. (Sorry, this is my New England upbringing rising to the surface.) Instead someone had a lightbulb go off in their head! "I KNOW. I've figured it out! You're getting DENTURES." That really happened.

The last day of Seminary is a bittersweet experience, even if you've had a more "challenging" year. You feel a sense of sadness when those 170 days are over. And then the least likely student comes up and throws his arms around you and tells you he loves you. And a sweet girl is tearful and tells you she just has to tell you what the church means to her because she hasn't shared that with you yet. You end up in a puddle, and then you realize, this is a fulfilling day, this is rewarding and this is a reminder of why you do what you do.

Now I'm left to think about the possibilities of teaching again next year. And the beautiful Summer. The fact that I don't need an alarm to get me to the office. A trip to the beach. That I can read that new novel. Maybe stay up past 8:30 p.m. and even go see a movie on a Friday night or, gasp, maybe even during the week. Life is so good. Even with four pulsating front teeth, four temporary crowns and an empty bank account.

P.S. I chose this picture this morning because it symbolizes the happiness I feel today. I feel happy. From Caity's plaid Laura Ashley outfit and the story that goes along with it, Zach and the goofy brilliance behind those thick glasses, Bridie and the annual tradition of my Mum buying her new red shoes every Fall, and Patrick, the kind hearted, lovable, adorable toddler he always was.

Happy Summer.

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