Monday, May 17, 2010

blog giveaways, contests and things nobody cares about ...

Sometimes I see a really fun giveaway in the blogosphere and call my significant other. Maybe sometimes I call my Dad. "Please, oh please, leave a comment so I can win this?" More often than not my spouse says, "If you want that piece of cookware that much I will buy it for you." And then he leaves a comment. Sometimes he teases me when he leaves a comment on the Pioneer Woman's blog "Patti, you're more likely to get struck by lightening than win that camera." Ree gets thousands of comments. Let's face it, she's awesome.

I'm here to tell you . . . I didn't win a vacation or a new car or 365 days of groceries. But I did win a sweet skin care system, the Clarisonic Plus. Design Mom guest posted on Make You Over about her awesome Clarisonic. Clarisonic even upgraded the giveaway and it arrived today. It was a little like Christmas. Minus the pine needles.

No segue.

I've been sick. For days I've sat in the same place in my house. I've done nothing. You know you've watched too much television when Ally Sheedy's clothes look good to you in St. Elmo's Fire. Or maybe that was the anesthesia . . .

Speaking of anesthesia (and this is not a joke) . . . I woke up one Friday morning (after a haze-filled Thursday from dentist hell) sort of remembering ordering a pizza. I had a vague recollection of a very specific order I placed via the phone. The first funny (peculiar) thing about this is that rarely eat pizza. But on Friday morning there was a $20 bill on the ottoman, Pizza Hut in the history in my MacBook . . . and no pizza. Where is that pizza? I just can't put it behind me.

No segue.

is fun. Her show is just happy. Awesome. Dateline, on the other hand . . . who knew so many wives were murdering their husbands and husbands murdering their wives? Yep, there's been lots of television at my house. Mostly bad television.

No segue.

There are eight days left of Seminary. Even at the end of year five (just like every year) I have the thought, "I made it. I did it." I am looking forward to a rest and some recreational reading. My library queue is full.

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