Thursday, February 25, 2010

Privacy issues, Rao's, blogs and meatballs...

I really like the BA Foodist column in Bon Appetit. It's always full of interesting questions and witty answers from Andrew Knowlton. Andrew (yes, I used his first name) is really "easy on the eyes." At first I worried his picture might be like a Dear Abby/Ann Landers ruse and that, somehow, he turned into an old man with wrinkles and crazy (all over the place) hair in his ears. Alas, I saw him recently. I thought he was handsome.

I digress.

Anyway, his column in the March issue of Bon Appetit has a question from Sarah in Philadelphia. "Isn't it time for restaurants to step in and ask diners to cool it with the mid-meal photography? I know everyone loves playing foodie photog for their blogs and Twitter accounts, but at some point, isn't enough enough?"

Insert outrage.

The "easy on the eyes" guy wasn't on my side. He used words like "food paparazoo" . . . and suddenly, he's just not that cute to me. Long story short, there are actually some restaurants out there who have banned the practice.

Insert outrage.

And then it dawned on me. YOU DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE.

It's true. My blog is "recipes only" now. I shared too much (huge surprise) and someone referred to my husband as The Mayor. At Stake Conference.

If I still had a blog telling all my secrets I would have told you about the birthday dinner my husband treated me to at Rao's. And how I had a bolognese like I'd never tasted before. With potato gnocchi. And a veal chop that was hammered into a cutlet that covered the plate . . . still attached to the bone. And an apple tart that rivaled the Mon Ami Gabi specialty. This was one of those experiences . . . sort of like waking up in Hawaii with a fork in your bed. Yes, I am dreaming about my birthday dinner.

I digress. Again.

The bottom line is I miss blogging about life and observations. Also, when one blogs, the world then knows you're not just sitting at home eating Tipperary Bon Bons and watching Modern Family. By the way, BEST COMEDY ON TELEVISION. And the bon bons aren't bad, either.

So there. I've explained myself. I do, however, expect to be posting two new recipes a month from Bon Appetit, as long as they don't decide to devote another (extra small) issue to "Irish cooking". In that case I'll have to opt out. I'm still traumatized by that kidney stew my grandmother made for my Mum once a year.

Peremptory measure: To my dear cousins (Claremarie and Cathy), please pretend I didn't write the last three sentences of this blog post.

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